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seek knowledge

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash Know-it-alls don’t know it all. They’re just more uncomfortable more of the time because they want their peers to believe that they do know it all. They’ve created a self imposed conundrum…they can’t learn new things because they already know it all. So when they don’t know something they must find a […]


(edited June 4, 2017) Deaf is a culture. Deafness is not seen in the deaf community as a disability but rather as a difference. It is not necessarily something to overcome as much as it is something to become part of. Deaf culture is rich in social behavior, tradition, values and history and just like […]

what does restaurant design look like?

People eat out for two reasons: the food and the experience. Sometimes one takes precedence over the other, but for a restaurant to truly succeed, both must be deliberately addressed. Last month I traveled with my daughter for a couple of weeks. We ate out….a lot. By chance we ate in 3 restaurants all owned […]

everybody eats

ZeroFoodprint believes that restaurants and diners can lead the fight against climate change. And why not? Everybody eats. And most of us eat out at least some of the time. food has a carbon footprint Food production has a carbon footprint: from growing the food to finishing the food to transporting the food. And it […]

a gentle look at codes

Oakland is Everywhere It’s been a tough week here in Northern California. 36 people died in a fire during a party at a local warehouse. Family and friends are reeling and the artist community is in great pain. This fire occurred in a warehouse that was illegally converted to studio and living space. And the […]

real food, whole food, what’s food?

My dad was a dairy farmer. He raised cows that ate grass, provided cow patties to fertilize the garden and were milked by hand. My grandmother made cheese from the milk, butter from the cream and grew her veggies in the garden. So I grew up understanding the basics of where my food came from. Food seemed pretty simple. With […]

designing designers

There is a lot of information out there about how to do your design job. Whether you design space or tech or brand or something else. But what about how to be a designer?  How do we design ourselves to be the best designers we can be? Heather Phillips of Fast Company interviewed 3 designers to […]

designing politics

If you live here in the good ol’ US of A, your feed is full of he said she said. And sometimes he did she didn’t. Or he said she did but she didn’t really because he did. It’s gotten pretty raucous and very unpleasant. So let’s focus on the whimsical designerly aspect of this presidential race […]