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about reading

  I love books.  Not just reading, but actually the books themselves.  I buy books everywhere and keep them forever…even my grandmother’s 1953 Encyclopedia Brittanica collection.  Growing up we had 2 massive bookshelves in our family room and my mom was an avid reader.  As a teenager I preferred laying on the rug under the […]

where I live

15 years ago we bought the ugly duckling house on the beautiful block. All we saw was the charm and potential of our little Victorian.  Based on what little bit of research I’ve done, our house was probably built in the 1880s by two young Irish brothers named McElnay.  The original footprint was a single […]

what does Friday taste like?

I cannot imagine a better person on a project team than someone with synesthesia.  As a designer and a writer it’s always my goal to engage as many senses as possible in whatever experience I’m trying to create.  So someone whose senses are already intertwined would be an awesome asset.  Do you know a synesthete? […]

visiting genius: where ideas come from

Elizabeth Gilbert gave this moving TED talk a few years ago about creativity and ideas and where they come from.  She posits that, in order to protect the person from what comes after a great burst of creativity, we might better view creativity in ways similar to the views of those who came before the […]

words as design element

The newest addition to the Radisson Blu group in the US, the Radisson Blue Warwick Hotel, just opened in Philadelphia.  They utilized one of my favorite design elements to engage their guests:  words.  The project, created by Scotland based Graven Images, uses words on the lobby carpet to express the historical role that Philadelphia  played […]

happy, successful and maybe even wealthy

I think that most of us want to be happy and successful (whatever our version of success is), and some of us aspire to wealth as well.  So the lists I’ve posted over the last few days share the wisdom (hopefully) of others’ research into the habits we need to develop to get there.  The […]

7 habits of successful people

Before I could begin the search for a list of habits of successful people, I had to define for myself what success is.  My definition of success, at least for this purpose, is from the free online dictionary:  the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.  So here we are in this life trying to […]

21 habits of happy people

George Carlin says that trying to be happy by accumulating things is like trying to conquer hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.  Love that quote.  Of course it’s full of truth that I sometimes neglect when walking by the shoe department. There is an actual psychology of happiness and doctors who have been […]

10 habits of rich people

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.  Actually I am….I feel kind of creepy.  My parents were both depression era babies so I grew up in a home that was very thrifty, where happiness was based on things that had nothing to do with the things that money can buy.  Although we were […]

scratching the surface of color

Have you discovered colourlovers yet?  So cool.  Load a photo and pull a color palette or twenty.  Then create patterns that use your palette.  One of my new favorite color tools to play with (and by new I mean I barely know what I’m doing yet but it is a great way to waste several […]

design matters

My whole life I’ve been teased that I have expensive taste.  Maybe it’s partly true, but what is more true is that I like things in my world that are well designed.  I like to use things that work well and effortlessly.  Like my iPhone….my husband bought a ‘not iPhone’ (I won’t mention any names) […]