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party on!

The winter months are notoriously slow in the restaurant business. When I was still working the floor we’d go from 3 people at the door to 1. And the wait staff would go from 9 servers to 3. We’d run promotions for the concierges from local hotels, offer space for late holiday parties, provide better […]

teaching vs. giving

Before we say good-bye to 2015, here’s a final share. But really it’s not me sharing, it’s them. Delancey Street Foundation and Tender Greens both work to teach people who need support to find it within. They teach people in need the skills to take their lives in new directions. Give a man a fish and […]

program it again!

the beginning Your project began a while ago. Remember? Your architectural team asked you a lot of questions, probably using some version of a questionnaire that was distributed to the many stakeholders involved in your project. There were interviews and meetings. You told them how you would be using the designed space, who would be […]

food tv

  Julia Child and Jacques Pepin, the Galloping Gourmet and Martin Yan, those are the chefs I grew up with, the chefs who taught me what I enjoy in a cooking show. Current food television offers a much wider variety than days past, much of which makes me want to run screaming from the room. […]

color and politics

There are a number of politicians who seek to polarize by color. It’s a sad and odd phenomenom and yet, in the case of at least one politician, it seems to be working. A frightening plight in my opinion. If Lapham’s Quarterly is on the right track, Plato would seem to agree with me (or […]

cutting edges

Our planet is changing, am I right? Anyone, even the most conservative (and I use that term the way the politicians use it, not in its proper form), sees the changes in climate, ocean water, sea life, animal behavior, as well as the way we humans treat one another. Maybe we can do something to impact […]

tires, runways and cutting edge food

Confession: I watch Project Runway. And I spend a huge percentage of our income on food. I did not grow up this way. My parents took us out to eat occasionally. A typical night out was Denny’s or Bob’s Big Boy. And a really nice night out was the local family run Italian joint, Paesano’s, […]

living and dying

It’s been a rough summer in my house. We lost a friend, a father, a fighting soul. We are derailed and left looking for solid footing. And asking the big questions a bit more than usual. There are people who think that death needs to be re-designed. Maybe they’re right, but those aren’t the questions […]

riding bikes for farms

I’m riding my bike to save farms in Marin. Well kinda. I’m actually riding my bike to see if I can ride 40 miles in a go. My trainer (and hubby) thinks I can do it. And whether I’m successful or not (I will be), my ride fee goes to an amazing cause…it goes to […]

can you hear me now?

noise vs sound NOISE: that would be the down side of sound. Restaurants generate an inordinate amount of it….kitchen pots, dishwashers, bus tubs, clinking silverware, conversation, ringing phones, music, etc. In restaurants some sound is sound and some sound is noise and all of it is part of the acoustics of your restaurant. Acoustics is one […]

stop focusing on the pain

don’t assume My client said something remarkable to me yesterday. We were standing at the counter of her building department waiting our turn to speak with the head of building to determine if he would grant her a retro permit. (Retro permits have become a regular part of my business lately, but that’s another story.) She looked […]