1. Exodus: Mishpatim

Mishpatim means laws.  One of my friends’ sons has never wanted to learn about his Jewishness because he doesn’t want anyone to tell him how he should relate to his spiritual beliefs.  How he should believe in his god.  He doesn’t want religious rules.  At least that is the way that she has explained it to me.

I’ve always wanted to be an independent thinker.  A trailblazer.  The leader rather than the follower.  But really I might not be.  I do like rules.  I do feel more comfortable with boundaries.  Sometimes I want to know the rules just so that I can break them.  Judiciously.  But the rules make me feel safe.  And the rules are like the lines on the freeway.  They keep us all organized and moving in the same direction without too much chaos.  So long as people use thier blinkers, things move along pretty smoothly.  Occasionally I don’t use my turn signal when I change lanes.  Rarely, but when it happens, I feel like such a rebel!  That is my free thinker stepping up.

I’m glad that there are rules to follow and rules to break.  It shapes us as a community…as a people.

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