1. Numbers: Pinhas

Thank GOD for feminists.  I mean that sincerely.  In this day and age, feminism is something of a luxury.  Women don’t need to be feminists in order to vote, be heard, take a job, quit a job, buy a house, get a divorce.  I don’t need to be a feminist to live the life I choose.  And I don’t consider myself a feminist so much as a people-ist.  And yes, I do know that isn’t a word.

In this week’s Torah portion, the first feminists are heard. The five daughters of Zelophehad made a plea to Moses, it was heard, and their request was granted.  And this at a time when women didn’t even get counted let alone heard.  What they asked for wasn’t huge and seems, in this day and age, to be a simple request.  What they asked for doesn’t matter as much as the fact that they asked and were granted their request.

Now that we’ve moved beyond the basic need for feminism, it’s time to embrace something bigger.  People should be heard and seen for who they are and what they are capable of.  Equality is a fallacy.  People are not equal by any measure.  People are all different with different needs, abilities, thoughts, desires, etc.  Personally, I think equality is kind of a communist idea.  Not that I have a particular issue with communism.  But I do have an issue with equality because it does not exist.  And I do know that this will probably not be a popular thought to many.  But tell me, exactly how can we be equal?  In gender or anything else?  We are all unique in ability, thought, desire.

But don’t take this as disrespect to feminists who have given me the ability to live the life I do.  Thank you to the five daughters and all the daughters who came after them and fought the fight so that I can sit here and comfortably say that I’m not a feminist.  I honor you.

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