2. Exodus: Mishpatim

“He who insults (or reviles) his father or his mother shall be put to death”. 

A synonym of revile is scold.  It is a miracle that our species has survived.  We were all teenagers once, and we all had parents.  Teenagers revile their parents.  So I guess this is one of those commandments that is left up to some amount of interpretation.  And the blessed memory of our teenagers as sweet and loving young children.  But only during those moments of revilation.  Is that a word?

Mostly I love having two kids at every stage.  But teenagers are crazy.  And the parents of teenagers are crazy.  I’m crazy.  Seriously crazy.  Today I picked up my crazy teenager and acted like an even crazier mother.  There was definitely a lot of reviling going on.  But we’re both still here.  And now I’m reading a book.

I turn to books when life is broken.  I know that’s a little melodramatic, but it feels a little broken right now.  So I’m reading a book by Mike Riera.  I strongly suggest that all crazy parents of crazy teenagers read all of the Mike Riera that they can get their hands on.  He gets teenagers.  And after only 35 pages I’m significantly less crazy.  I don’t know about my teenager, but I do know that the more I know, since I’m the parent, the less broken things will be.

So maybe some of the reviling will stop and the species can go on.  I do love my crazy teenager.  A lot.  All the time.  Even when she’s crazy and I’m crazy.

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