2. Exodus: Va’era

Freedom is a fallacy.  Have you seen “Up in the Air”?  We are connected animals living in a society together.  Even the most distant hermit is still likely connected in some way.  The rest of us are connected in so many ways.  To believe that we are free because we choose not to commit to something or someone is fallacy.  It’s all relative.  We choose which freedoms we wish to embrace and we pay some price for that choice.  The woman in love is free to love her lover, and likely not free to share that same love with anyone else.  And the woman who chooses not to commit to a lover, is no longer free to be loved by her lover.  It’s just two sides of a coin really.  And it does not apply just to love.  We are all as free as we choose to believe that we are free.

Of course I’m referring to life in my world.  It is likely very different in many other countries and maybe even other cities.

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