a note on commentary and stuff

For the record, I do not plan to read much, if any, Torah commentary while I’m doing this project.  I probably won’t attend Torah study either.  And if I do, I probably won’t write after attending.  Not that I wouldn’t get a lot out of commentary and Torah study.  There’s just so much that I don’t know and don’t understand.  And for the sake of this project I want to deal just with my own impressions and the interpretations and conversations they generate.

So if I say something really dumb or impertinent or irreverent or redundant or if I say something totally obvious and act like it’s a revelation that no one’s ever had before, feel free to give me a verbal slap.  Tell me what you think.  But of course be nice.  I’m a novice and I really like this stuff.  So if you’re reading this, thanks for taking the ride with me.

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