If you read this section the first time I wrote it, well, I’m slightly less blog-vexed.  And since this all has to do with writing I will figure it out.  And since it all has to do with computers, I can figure it out.  It just takes me a while because I really hate to read the manual.  Besides, if I get really lost my very techie husband can always figure it out.  Almost always.

When I look in a mirror, I see parts but not a whole.  I know my nose.  I know my mouth.  My cheeks, my hair, my eyes.  Certainly my eyebrows which have always been overly attended.  I actually have good eyebrow periods and bad eyebrow periods.  My hair days are all the same and without judgment.  But my eyebrows evolve.  Sometimes my right eyebrow is better than my left and vice versa.  Sometimes neither one is right.  It’s an odd fixation maybe, but I don’t expect to get over it.  Back to my original thought, though, I don’t seem to have the ability to describe myself as a whole.  Just as parts.  So, rather than trying to tell you all about me, I’ll jot some details as they come to me.  If you’re interested, read them.

  1. Because of how they placed me in high school, I never read many of the books that most people consider normal teenage reading.  I only read To Kill a Mockingbird four years ago.  High school was decades ago.

  2. We named our dog Atticus.  If he’d been a female, my daughter was going to name her Ariel.  I was glad he wasn’t a female.

  3. I’m married and we have two children.  We seem like your normal nuclear family:  man, woman, girl, boy, dog, house.  We’re not.

  4. I was born and raised in California.  We read a lot out here.  We call ourselves Left Coast Writers.  I’m not a very active member.  See number 3.

  5. I’ve begun one novel and numerous, too numerous to count, short stories.  I’ve submitted several essays for publication.  I try to convince myself that I don’t care about publication.  Lie.

  6. Yoga keeps me sane.  I’d probably go out and get a paying job if it didn’t mean giving up yoga.  Between visiting my Mom (see number 7), working at my kid’s school, driving children around, and yoga, my day’s are pretty full. So I’d better find a way to make writing pay off.

  7. My mother is amazing.  She explained politics and love to me.  She showed me how to be a mother. She holds my hand.  She kisses me.  Sometimes she hits me.  She has alzheimer’s.  She’s still teaching me.  Life isn’t always tied up with a pretty ribbon.

6 again.  I did go out and get a paying job which explains the 2 years between posts.  And I’m still doing yoga and visiting mom (see my latest post).  The kids have gotten much older, so I’m doing less at their school.  And they have remarkable little legs that get them where they need to go most of the time.  Writing fulfills only my soul, not my wallet.