architecture as fairy tale: a competition

Last year, Blank Space introduced a competition that harkens back to my senior thesis course.  We were to create a home for Wally and Andre,  the characters/actors from ‘My Dinner With Andre’, a film directed by Louis Malle about two men who hadn’t seen each other in years. They spend 110 minutes catching up over dinner. Andre, the romantic, shares his experiential stories of traveling the world and Wally, the pragmatist, questions his choices. I don’t remember much about the project I completed, but I do remember how much I enjoyed the process of conceptual design based on story.

fairy tales 2014

2014 winners Kevin Wang (writer/architect) and Nicholas O’Leary (artist)

The Blank Space competition gives us an opportunity to create both the story and the environment. Last year’s winners (they worked as a team) wrote and illustrated the 13th chapter of Alice in Wonderland. Dezeen published their entry in whole. Registration is $50 until December 12, 2014. Late registration is $75 until the submission deadline January 16, 2015. Winners will be announced (and published) in March and a book will follow. There are even cash prizes for 3 winners. But the real prize will be the opportunity to write and design a story and its world….isn’t that why we do what we do?

Enjoy the process and keep in touch,