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Mom got kicked out of hospice about four years ago.  She wasn’t sick enough.  She wasn’t likely to die in less than six months.  Now she is.  So now we have people who look deeply into our eyes and ask how we are, they assess Mom and tell us how she is, and they bring in […]


“If you need anything I”m in room number 9”.  Marion wants to help take care of Mom.  He had to say this a couple of times before I got it.  Marion doesn’t have any teeth.  He’s been in a wheel chair for years due to a stroke.  But he had issues before that.  He’s told […]

Mom is dying.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole the presidency in Iran. The president invited a professor and a cop to share a beer.   There’s a warming trend.  A bridge collapsed in China.  Ricky Henderson will be inducted in some hall of fame.  Mom is dying.  In hours or maybe days, Mom will die. Mom. Will. Die. And I’ll live.  The warming […]

you dropped it

The writing prompt is “you dropped it“.  Now sit for ten minutes, use a timer, and see what comes up.  If you’re going to use the prompt, don’t read mine first.  It will be distracting. This is what I got:  You dropped it and it rolled across the floor. Living in an old house has […]

the list

This is today’s list: take a shower keep an eye on son’s temp write update blog think about important stuff like what’s beyond pluto, the meaning of god, why prejudice exists, the middle east write about important stuff These are today’s accomplishments: take shower keep an eye on son’s temp I keep trying to write but […]

an easter bunny jew

I’m an easter bunny Jew. In my family we didn’t celebrate any of the Jewish holidays because Mom didn’t know what they were. We celebrated birthdays, christmas and easter. On christmas day Mom made chopped chicken livers and lox and cream cheese dip with tiny little bagels then we invited all of our friends over to visit. I realize […]

goldenhills, an introduction

Mom used to read all the time. Now she occasionally reads the exit sign. Or part of the menu printed on the whiteboard next to the kitchen. She’s forgetting how to read. She’s forgetting how to walk. She’s forgetting how to feed herself. But she still looks at us with the love that is inside of her, at least […]

it is Titanic cold…

Yesterday was a Titanic day and it’s been Titanic cold here in northern ca.  We saw the Titanic exhibit then rented the movie (not the real one, the Leo diCaprio one) which is very long, by the way, and today I am tired and cold.  And images of people bouncing off giant rudders and into […]

partial full disclosure

I don’t tell anyone (until now), but sometimes I listen to a very conservative talk radio show.  I spend a lot of time alone in my car and probably should listen to classical music or NPR all the time.  I do listen to them, too.  And sometimes the more centrist talk radio.  And sometimes rock […]

stop saying I

It’s late and very much time to turn out the lights, but all of your fabulous, and some not so fabulous (like I’m any sort of critic), blogs keep pulling me in.  But if you don’t mind, and maybe you will but that’s okay, can I gripe just a moment?  The blogs that bore are the […]

who are those people?

One of my many chores is going through all of the digital photos I’ve downloaded onto my computer, printing them and putting them in some sort of order.  Unfortunately my artistic talent doesn’t always translate into fabulous photos.  I’ve got some amazing foreground pictures with all kinds of weirdness in the background or off to the […]

write a birthday letter

I’m not one of those people who sends out birthday cards on time to everyone I care about.  It’s not an indication of my level of caring.  There have been times, lots of them, when I’ve tried to be that person.  I usually make it through about the third week of January.  Then the cards […]