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riding bikes for farms

I’m riding my bike to save farms in Marin. Well kinda. I’m actually riding my bike to see if I can ride 40 miles in a go. My trainer (and hubby) thinks I can do it. And whether I’m successful or not (I will be), my ride fee goes to an amazing cause…it goes to […]

can you hear me now?

noise vs sound NOISE: that would be the down side of sound. Restaurants generate an inordinate amount of it….kitchen pots, dishwashers, bus tubs, clinking silverware, conversation, ringing phones, music, etc. In restaurants some sound is sound and some sound is noise and all of it is part of the acoustics of your restaurant. Acoustics is one […]

stop focusing on the pain

don’t assume My client said something remarkable to me yesterday. We were standing at the counter of her building department waiting our turn to speak with the head of building to determine if he would grant her a retro permit. (Retro permits have become a regular part of my business lately, but that’s another story.) She looked […]

on authenticity

Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen. ~Brene Brown are you keepin’ it real? If the story you’re telling about your business isn’t truly authentic, […]

you are good at things

  Do what you are good at My daughter gave me a book by this name. It’s one of those gifts that is kind of a joke, but not really. You are good at things. And those are the things you need to do often and do out loud. Don’t do the other things. For […]

wait….cats and coffee?

I was planning to tell you something about the psychology of color today, then I got another email in my box about yet another cat cafe. So I’m forsaking science for frivolity for the moment. what it is Every time I hear the term ‘cat cafe’ I just kind of shake my head and wonder. […]

let’s talk about cell phones in restaurants

Last summer my oldest uncle, my mom’s big brother and the last of his siblings, died at the ripe old age of 102. Imagine the changes he saw in the world over the course of his lifetime. The mass production of the automobile, invention of radio broadcasting and then television broadcasting, widespread use of the telephone […]

an abundance of tufting

My favorite design contest, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards is gearing up with entries due before April 19. Out of only 37 entries to date here are the 5 from the US. I’m seeing a lot of tufting and nailheads this year. And an abundance of wood finishes. Check these out and get your entry in if you’ve […]

toddlers and architects

So right off the bat I need to say that many of my friends are architects, I’ve worked with many amazing architects who are much smarter than I am, and I have absolute respect for the profession and most of the people that put AIA behind their name. As an interior designer, collaboration is my middle […]

scandalous ads and alzheimers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a difference in ‘scandalous’ ad content over the course of my lifetime. Where the big scandal of my teenage years were those ads about  tampons (remember when all you had to do to ride a horse was use a tampon…), the scandal of a few years ago […]

netflix does design(er movies)

In the past I have done my fair share of entertainment listing. Foodie film lists, obsessive indulgence in the cinematographically superior Breaking Bad (here and here and here), what’s available at this or that film festival. But for this list I take zero credit…and I’m honestly sharing this as much as a bookmark for myself as for the […]

scheduling creativity

Is creativity schedulable? Is that a word? I’d say probably no to both. But the creatives of yore did keep schedules and Mason Currey wrote a whole book describing their schedules. Then various others riffed off the book to create infographics (here and here). Above is my favorite by Podio…if you click through to the original then […]