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sing your budget out LOUD!

before the beginning The first step in any interior design project is what we in the field of architecture call ‘Programming‘. That’s where we ask you about your operation, your aesthetic inclinations, how many people will do what and where, etc. But actually, there is a step before Programming. It’s kind of like the prologue […]

it’s ON….eat out now!

SF Restaurant Week, Dine Around Town. I know….I was confused at first too. The Golden Gate Restaurant Association has taken over what the SF Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, more recently called San Francisco Travel, began 13 years ago as a way to boost sales in an ever so dismal restaurant month. Not only does the 10 day long […]

restaurants in relationship

My first apartment in San Francisco as a recent college grad was about 200 square feet. I had one window, a tiny little kitchenette, a mattress in a drawer (that when pulled out crashed into the couch so I had to sleep with my feet inside the drawer), and a beautiful old tiled bathroom. It was […]

cobweb sweeping

  Happy 2015! Yup, I’m back all rested and refreshed from a couple of weeks of sleeping in, making things and eating way too much. With the new year I’ve been cleaning out closets and cupboards and, of course, my overloaded inbox. Before I head full on into a new year I get to read […]

interview: Fedele Bauccio

The San Francisco Bay Area has one of the most remarkable food stories in the country. Telling that story begins with the many chefs and restaurateurs who make up the cast of characters. I’ve only met a few of these food emissaries, so during 2015 it is my intention to meet and learn about more […]

Watson wants to be your friend too

  Chef Watson  is looking for more friends. S/he and the 300 or so of us that have been cooking together for the last few months have discovered some issues, enjoyed some very odd creativity, and have suggested a few changes. Bon Appetit Magazine and IBM gave chef an upgrade and a facelift and now they want […]

art, banksy and tolstoy

Banksy has been in the news quite a lot lately. Don’t know Banksy? I’m betting you actually do…at least as much as any of the rest of us know Banksy. S/he is the artist (The Atlantic postulates that Banksy is a woman) that travels the world painting societal commentary on walls that don’t belong to her/him. Some […]

food: information insanity

If knowledge is power, what is too much knowledge? Insanity for sure. When we all walk around with computers in our pockets allowing us access to unlimited knowledge every moment of every day, it’s a wonder we can ever come to any conclusion about anything. But decide we must, at least when we’re walking through the grocery […]

architecture as fairy tale: a competition

Last year, Blank Space introduced a competition that harkens back to my senior thesis course.  We were to create a home for Wally and Andre,  the characters/actors from ‘My Dinner With Andre’, a film directed by Louis Malle about two men who hadn’t seen each other in years. They spend 110 minutes catching up over dinner. Andre, the […]

design and life

I’ve read several articles lately about designing happiness in life. I’m not a believer in the abject pursuit of happiness, feeling rather that happiness is a byproduct of a life lived well and right and within the definition of one’s own integrity. So it was all just a lot of fluff until last weekend when I […]

art and bread

It’s autumn here in Northern California. So I’m desperately trying to get my front hedge trimmed (it’s crazy overgrown) before it gets really chilly out there, soup is on my mind constantly, and everyone is opening a new art show everywhere. As we head into my favorite cocooning season, I’ve got to share something that is completely off […]

food…waste not want not

  My friend Watson mentioned that October 16 is World Food Day and that the focus this year is on family farming and food waste reduction. So I did a little research. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, founded October 16, 1945, celebrates its founding every year with World Food Day and […]