Hebrew Mamita

Vanessa Hidary says the words I feel.  Brilliantly.


A very experienced educator described parenting this way: you tie your children securely enough to the dock to keep them from drifting, but not so tightly that they have to break away violently. This way when they are ready to push off they have something solid to push from. If they are not tied up at all they will drift aimlessly and without destination or reference and have no dock to return to.

I would like to push the metaphor further, into adulthood. But I realize that part of me may never make the leap to adult and I will continue to search for the dock.


acme \ACK-mee\, noun:  The highest point of something; the highest level or degree attainable.

So it’s not just the dynamite company from a Roadrunner cartoon…..


To grow dark, gloomy. It’s really a word. But it does sound like something my children made up. Like ‘snory’…a boring story (Benjamin’s word) or ‘lasterday’….anytime before now (Emily’s word). Your assignment for this labor day weekend is to use these words, all 3 of them, in a story, not a snory, and get it published. Anywhere. Here counts. I’ll publish it on my blog. Have a great weekend!

in high dudgeon

I think that if people, all of us, spent less energy in high dudgeon, the world would be a less dramatic, more pleasant place to be.  I just learned this expression and think it’s fabulous.  Look it up.  High dudgeon is a choice we don’t have to make.

the May experiment….join me?

I don’t diet.  But I read that we each gain about a pound and a half a year (mostly due to holiday scarfing).  At that rate I’ll be a giant boulder by the time I hit the end.  So I’m going to initiate the May experiment.  Here are my rules:

  1. don’t get on the scale
  2. eat well and enough and definitely not too much.  skip the stuff that isn’t necessary
  3. exercise every day.  if not yoga or the gym, then take a walk
  4. go outside every day.  walking to the car doesn’t count.
  5. drink lots of water
  6. get enough sleep.  at least most of the time.
  7. on May 31st, if so motivated, get on the scale and see if the scale thinks anything is different.  more importantly, see if the people around me think anything is different.

This isn’t about dieting.  It’s about taking care of myself the way I know I should be every day.  I just want to see if it’s possible for me to be this conscious for a month.  Who knows….at the end of May I might decide I like this way better.  We’ll see.  Let me know if you want to try it with me.

Alice is hope

Alice is the oldest living holocaust survivor.  107 next month.  She is inspirational.  Go make yourself a cup of tea and spend a few minutes with Alice.  (thanks Amy for finding this one).

We’re voting in a week….

….are you paying attention?  And what are you paying attention to?  Fear does not create good decisions.  Radical empathy might be the thing to save us November 2010.

warning about dragon tattoos

Oh dear…here it is the 12th already and I still haven’t posted last week’s portion.  I’ve been distracted.  Someone told me not to start The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo until I could focus and expect to do nothing else.  Of course I didn’t listen.  So for a week I read both the first and second books of the series.  I stayed up until 2 every morning, reading until I couldn’t read any more.  I barely bathed.  Or ate.  Or even noticed my family.

There’s a third book.  I’m not going to get it until I really do have a few days to do nothing but read.  If you have time to do nothing but read, this is the series for you.  Tell Lisbeth I said hello.

New Orleans….sigh….

New Orleans is a town that has a remarkable ability to capture your heart.  It did mine in a visit of only one week in April this year.  The same way that San Francisco announced itself to my heart as home two decades ago, New Orleans has also claimed me.

When I left New Orleans to board my flight back to San Francisco on April 17, I did as I always do:  stopped at a bookstore.  Gumbo Tales, by Sara Roahen, caught my eye and I’ve been reading it ever since.  If you know me, you’ll know that it never takes me two months to read a book that I’m enjoying.  But in this case, I read it slowly.  Very slowly.  And today I finished the last page.  I was tempted to read the entire bibliography as if it were prose so that the book would last longer.

But it’s over now, and I’ve had to leave New Orleans again.  Along with Sara, who left New Orleans at the end of her story to follow her husband.  With great regret, my connection to New Orleans is severed.

Then I read the back cover.  Sara and her husband moved back to New Orleans the year after they left.  Sara, who I don’t even know and will likely never know, is in New Orleans.  Somehow that makes me really happy.

Gumbo Tales, Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table, by Sara Roahen.  It’s not just about the food, it’s actually only very little about the food but rather more about the table and the people around the table.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.  I hope that one day I will have the chance to write about New Orleans.

interfaith relationships

I’m going to write an essay about being in an interfaith marriage.  By making a public statement, to all three of you reading, I’m now committed.  There is a woman who is building an anthology and she needs essays by July 1.  I have two months.  So I’m writing an essay.  Feel free to be my cheerleader….

Out of touch

I’ve been in new Orleans this week. Building houses for the lost, the last, the lonely. That’s how the man who organized our program described the people who are still displaced nearly five years after Katrina. It was an amazing week of work and play. 6 adults and 12 teens worked together beautifully. I was lucky to participate. Once home I’ll catch up.

happy birthday

Carol Lee.  Happy 49th…..nearly half a century.  I bought you a Boz Scaggs song yesterday, along with lots of music from high school.  It’s been raining (as if you didn’t know) a lot, so I couldn’t plant sunflowers on your birthday.  If it’s too crappy today, I’ll plant them tomorrow.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out.

I miss you.  (Boz Scaggs is singing Lowdown…”you better come on back to town”…yea.)

gosh…where is everyone?

I just checked my stats…..seems a little quiet out there in reader land.  Hope I’m not boring you.

those brilliant Israelis

I design restaurants for a living.  Pretty fun business.  Someone in my office sent around a couple of videos today about the technological savvy of the Israelis.  A company in Israel has developed a restaurant ordering computer system that is tableside and makes servers irrelevant for order taking.  Brilliant.  And he sent this video about all of the technology advances that Israeli companies are behind.  Where most kibbutz were agricultural decades ago, now they are technology think tanks.  Pretty interesting stuff.