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If you live here in the good ol’ US of A, your feed is full of he said she said. And sometimes he did she didn’t. Or he said she did but she didn’t really because he did. It’s gotten pretty raucous and very unpleasant.

So let’s focus on the whimsical designerly aspect of this presidential race and forget about the personalities. We all saw that unfortunate logo created when Trump and Pence first joined forces. Well that seems to have disappeared completely from the campaign. And good riddance. But logos aside, both the democratic and republican tickets are selling merchandise with various images telling their stories. And they are not alone.

Harper Macaw and Design Army teamed up to make partisan chocolate. However you lean, they’ve got you covered. Red statespeople can eat chocolate with raspberries wrapped in an elephant in a raspberry smoking jacket (rich old money). Left leaners can pick up the nut covered bar wrapped in angry nuts. Tea partiers are offered chocolate with English tea wrapped in old sailing ships floating amongst tea crates. Taxation without representation lets DC residents bite off Uncle Sam’s head in their frustration. Flip floppers get salty and sweet since they can’t make a decision and stick with it. And filibuster is full of pretzels and peanuts and covered with angry words.

Monka Dunk Creations has some interesting toilet paper. Embroidered. You need this, right?

political tp

Dumps for Trump poop bags. Much more interesting than the bag the newspaper came in. Once filled are we supposed to mail it to the man?

political poop

Bernie nails….he may not be a candidate anymore, but you can still bern your nails.

political bernie nails

Political pins have been around forever. Hillary’s campaign asked 45 artists and designers to create their own. I’m with her isn’t the end, apparently it was the beginning.

So there you go. Wear a pin, eat some chocolate, get a manicure, walk the dog. Stop looking at your feed. And send me more fun election paraphernalia.

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