in search of privacy

Maybe you need a little time to yourself. Or you’re afraid the NSA is stalking your digital self. Or that innocent seeming neighbor next door is actually monitoring your brainwaves. Now you can hide….or can you? According to Alan Annand, self proclaimed astrologist and writer, this lovely piece might be utilized during Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Now honestly, I don’t even know what that means, but there are days I’d definitely like to cocoon up in the most literal way. This looks like the outfit to buy. If you figure out where to get one let me know….Alan is still in search of a celibate Virgo to do his knitting. And a few hypo allergenic squirrels.

body sweaterIf your privacy concern is more digital-centric, then the Viennese architectural firm Coop-Himmelb(l)au may have your answer. Below is a photo of the Jammer Coat which makes you and your electronic devices un-findable in the google-o-sphere. Kinda of cute, right? Okay, maybe not, but if you’re that paranoid then cute probably isn’t your highest concern.

jammer coat

Now if it’s your brainwaves that you are concerned about and that pesky future mind-reading paraphernalia, then here is something developed to help you keep your thoughts to yourself. Hopefully we’ll be able to get it in multiple colors.

So there you go…privacy whenever you need it. Or you could just do what I do. Close the door.

Happy Wednesday!