“If you need anything I”m in room number 9”.  Marion wants to help take care of Mom.  He had to say this a couple of times before I got it.  Marion doesn’t have any teeth.  He’s been in a wheel chair for years due to a stroke.  But he had issues before that.  He’s told me the story so many times.  Each time I understand a little more.  Some day I’ll get it all.

Marion loves my dad.  When Dad comes to visit they sit together with Mom at the table by the door in the big room.  They drink coffee and they talk.  Dad understands Marion really well.  Even the caregivers need help understanding Marion, so they ask Dad for help.  Marion waits for his coffee until Dad arrives.  They talk about growing up on farms, they talk about baseball.  They talk about Mom.  Marion keeps an eye on Mom when we’re not there.

Marion’s mom was a really good cook.  She made something that Marion calls potato candy for him when he was small.  I searched for potato candy on the internet and came up with all kinds of odd things.  Finally I found it.  It’s potato dough rolled out and spread with peanut butter then chilled and sliced.  When I told Marion I’d found the recipe he was beside himself.  I promised I’d make him some potato candy, but I haven’t done it yet.  There are always other things to do…laundry, chores.  Marion will be 84 next month.

Now that Mom is really sick she’s not spending so much time in the big room.  I think Marion is lonely.  He doesn’t have anyone to sit with and drink his coffee.  We’ll be visiting a lot this week.  I’ll make Marion his potato candy and we can all sit together and drink coffee and talk.  Mom won’t mind if we spend a little time with Marion.

2 (1 lb.) boxes powdered sugar
1/2 c. hot mashed potatoes, drained
1 sm. jar crunchy peanut butterMix sifted sugar into potatoes a little at a time by hand. (Don’t panic when potatoes liquify as the first sugar is added. This is what it’s supposed to do. Just keep adding sugar until it is pastry consistency.) Sprinkle wax paper with additional powdered sugar. Take baseball-sized ball of mixture and roll out like pastry. Spread with peanut butter and roll like a jelly roll. Wrap rolls in plastic wrap; chill and slice.

Makes 2 rolls.

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