memorial day continued: vet made

Veterans creating product for the rest of us. Pretty awesome and totally worth our support.

all photos courtesy and the ecovet facebook page

EcoVet employs heroes to create furniture from decommissioned Walmart trailers. Each trailer is disassembled and every part is re-used either in the furniture factory or elsewhere. Talk about your LEED points…there should be an extra point for using American made products built by ex-military labor. This is not charity, this is skilled labor providing useful products…you dream it, they build it.


all photos courtesy

Sword & Plough: turning military surplus material into civilian products, sisters Emily (an active duty military intelligence officer) and Betsy use veteran labor to sew their products, thus supporting ex-military personnel and a cleaner planet.


all photos courtesy

Oscar Mike: ‘We are a group of Veterans, athletes, artists and individuals from all walks of life who want to embody the spirit of hard work on which America was founded. We’re striving to bring back a tough, can-do spirit to our great country and we want to look bad-ass while doing it.’ Oscar Mike (‘on the move‘ in military jargon) creates clothing made in America and through their foundation funds athletic events for disabled veterans to help them heal.

That’s my last Memorial Day post for this year…..thanks for listening, now go spec some great furniture for that restaurant you’re working on,


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