ny and dc recommendations?


Tell me where to go (and be nice!)

I’m off to NY and DC this summer for a quick visit and a wedding (aack….what are they thinking?…planning an east coast wedding in the summer is a little bit mean!). 5 days in NY split between Miller Place on the north end of the island and Brooklyn/Manhattan.  Do you have a recommendation for a hotel in Brooklyn? We’ve always stayed with family and are looking for a bit of adventure. Also, where must we eat? Then 5 days in DC.  I’ve never been to DC so am looking for food recommendations and anything else you think I should know. Help me people!


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  1. Lara says:

    Really? You’ve never been to DC? Can’t say about the food, but can tell you all the not miss museums. On the mall, the Air+Space, Natural History, American History and Nat’l Gallery of Art. The National Portrait Museum a few blocks away. Library of Congress (you have to make a reservation for the Capitol or White House). For monuments, the Lincoln, Jefferson and FDR are all must sees. They’re a ton of other museums, many good, but those are my favorites. In NYC, have you ever seen the skyscraper museum? I liked that one. The Empire state is over rated – I would go to Rockefeller center instead if you want the view or the rooftop at the Met. In both places, the subway is the only way to go..

  2. Leslie says:

    Thanks Lara…I’m adding to my list. And BTW, I’m born and raised in California and I’ve never been to Alcatraz either! It’s a sad state of affairs…

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