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I don’t tell anyone (until now), but sometimes I listen to a very conservative talk radio show.  I spend a lot of time alone in my car and probably should listen to classical music or NPR all the time.  I do listen to them, too.  And sometimes the more centrist talk radio.  And sometimes rock and roll.  But this one conservative show sucks me in like bad tv. People call in to ask the host for her solutions to their problems.  I won’t mention her name because I don’t want to give her any play.  But she believes that the “morals and ethics” she spouts are the only ones that exist.  She apparently doesn’t realize that morals and ethics are culture driven, not determined on a cellular level.  Occasionally I don’t disagree with her responses.  But only when the questions involve some aspect of personal relationships or raising children.  I don’t agree with her positions on almost everything.  So I yell a lot.

I have no sympathy for the schmucks who call in to ask her advice.  For heaven’s sake, if you have a real problem are you going to call someone on the radio and ask for help?  Especially someone who will likely yell at you and insult you?  But they do.  It’s like listening to a train wreck.  I like to listen to the caller explain his or her problem then guess at the tone the response will take.  I’m nearly always right.  But I have to be careful.  Sometimes, in my real life, I find myself wondering what her response might be to one of my dilemmas.  Then I try to justify taking the opposite course.  That’s when I realize that I’ve got to take a break.  I don’t want her voice influencing my life.  I know better.  It’s my life.

Now I just need to find some literary use for her verbal onslaughts. 

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