riding bikes for farms


that’s me and my trainer….don’t worry, I’m better at riding than I am at selfies

I’m riding my bike to save farms in Marin. Well kinda. I’m actually riding my bike to see if I can ride 40 miles in a go. My trainer (and hubby) thinks I can do it. And whether I’m successful or not (I will be), my ride fee goes to an amazing cause…it goes to save and protect family farms in Marin. You know, the farms where we get our local eggs, cheese, fruits, veggies and meat. Those farms.

Donate to MALT, support my ride. Let’s keep it local!

Marin is home to many family owned farms, a tradition that dates back 150 years. In the middle of the last century, developers came a callin’, looking at the beautiful land of west Marin and dreaming of big towns and huge profits….for them. That’s when MALT, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, was born. MALT supports family farms by purchasing agricultural conservation easements that disallow the use of farmland for anything but agriculture.

A MALT agricultural conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between MALT and a landowner. MALT easements prohibit non-agricultural residential and commercial development, subdivision, and other uses or practices that are detrimental to sustainable agriculture. MALT easements are perpetual: they remain in effect on the land regardless of change in ownership.

By restricting certain uses, the easement lowers the value of the land. MALT purchases easements from landowners to compensate for the loss of value. Once the sale of an easement is final, MALT extinguishes the development rights on the protected farmland. We do not sell or transfer development rights to another area of the county. The land remains in private ownership and on the tax rolls.

I’m riding nearly every day, getting ready for 40 miles and 1400 feet. So far so good….today’s ride was 35 miles and 1900 feet. I think I’ve got this! I’ll ride, now you write.

Donate to MALT, support my ride.

Keep in touch….keep it real….keep it local,