summer food porn


The summer movie season, which usually leaves us a little hungry, unless of course we are 8 years old and still believe in dragons and princesses, is a great time to catch up on those movies we meant to see but never got around to. As much as I love the worlds of food and restaurants and the people who live and work there, I also love movies about food and restaurants and the people who live and work there. So here is a list of food movies you can find online (except of course for Chef, which is in theaters now and I plan to see at the late show tonight) and enjoy at home with a bottle of wine. Yum….summer food porn. If you have anything to add, let me know in comments. (note: I also covered a few food movies here and here).

Chef…the chef gets fired and decides to buy an old taco truck.

Dinner Rush…dinner and gangsters….

American Meat (documentary)…sustainable meat production is economically viable people!

The Way Back to Yarasquin (documentary)…coffee from Honduras to San Francisco…one woman’s story of bringing hope to a community.

Nothing Like Chocolate (documentary)…Grenada Chocolate Company revolutionizes chocolate….without using slave labor. Mott Green’s story.

Big Night….an oldie (1996) about Italian immigrants trying to make it in the American restaurant business.

Eat Drink Man Woman…another oldie (1994) chef as single father raising three daughters.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (documentary)….a thoughtful meditation on family, perfection, and the world renowned master of sushi, Jiro.

Somm (documentary)….so you think wine tasting is fun? Yea, me too. But becoming a master sommelier, not so much.

The Trip…two friends take a road trip to visit and report on the best of English restaurants. Hilarious.

Food, Inc (documentary)….the dirt behind the food industry and where your food comes from. You should know what you’re eating.

I was going to add Super Size Me to the list, but I just can’t. Watch it if you haven’t seen it, but if you read my blog, there’s a good chance that fast food isn’t a big part of your life anyway and you are hopefully already spreading the good food word. Enjoy the movies!

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