Kam told us things would go up and down. 

Today Mom did not eat.  She opened her mouth and Delia spooned in the ice cream mixed with protein powder and whatever was for lunch.  Mom waited.  She didn’t close her mouth.  She didn’t swallow.  She waited.  Finally Delia gave up and wiped out her mouth.  Delia tried again, but Mom is a determined woman.  She’s always been that way.  Mom out-waited Delia.

We are doing a lot of waiting right now.  While we’re waiting we’re doing the Jumble.  That’s my favorite.  Dad’s getting pretty good at crosswords.  Especially the early in the week puzzles.  Later in the week they get hard.  Then we have to wait until Monday again.  Em and I did about half a sudoku yesterday. 

Rose comes by while we are waiting.  And so do Marion and Betty.  And June comes by when she doesn’t like the singing in the dining room.

Rose has been here as long as Mom.  When Mom first moved in we wondered why Rose was here.  She is a beautiful woman with the sweetest disposition.  She tells me how beautiful I am every day.  Obviously she’s also brilliant.  She thinks I should be a movie star.  Truly brilliant.  Five years ago she got her nails painted bright red every week.  They were long and beautiful.  Chains, bracelets and rings decorated her ample neck and arms.  And she always carried her purse.  There was always gum in her purse.  She was one of the few who could chew gum.  She remembered how to chew.

Cowboy Bob arrived a few years after Rose.  By then Rose was beginning to forget.  She and Bob enjoyed each other’s company.  Then they started kissing.  Bob could barely hear and he could barely see, but he could always find Rose.  It didn’t take long for them to both get very chapped lips.  The staff had to limit the kissing.  And keep an eye on the night time rendezvous.  So Bob started kissing the other girls.  Rose thought they were breaking up.  She paced the hallway for so long there were sweat stains down the back of her shirt.  Then she forgot they were breaking up and everything was fine for a while.

Now Rose is waiting for her sister.  She visits Mom while she’s waiting for her sister.  I”m glad she’s waiting with us.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I’m sorry we’re not closer. Wish we could be there with you. Please call and let us know if you need anything. We love you!

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