wallpaper gone mad

Covering walls with paper a la granny’s flowered sitting room went out of style sometime in the 80s. Then somewhere around the turn of the century wallpaper started creeping back into design vernacular. And Jon Sherman had recently dipped his toe in the world of interior design, decided he liked it and apparently went a little insane and bought a truckload of old wallpaper manufacturing equipment, moved it cross country to New Orleans and decided to open a wallpaper factory with the unlikely name Flavor Paper. He says that because he didn’t know anything about the business he broke all the rules…and lucky for us. Flavor Paper creates designs that are surprisingly relevant…but you’ve got to look closely.

A few years after opening his factory in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, and surviving Katrina, Sherman moved the factory to Brooklyn to be nearer the majority of his clients. There he bought a 4 floor building on Pacific Street, turning the bottom two floors into factory and the top two floors into residential space. He’s got the penthouse and roof deck and rents the apartments below to employees. And I thought I had a great commute! The ground floor is factory with a glass front wall allowing passers-by to watch the papers being printed. Second floor is showroom. Not only is the product gorgeous, but check out the building! I’m going to….this summer. I’ve already set an appointment to see for myself how and where wallpaper art is made. Does this mean I can write off my whole trip? If that’s the case, then maybe I can afford to paper my bedroom when I return!

all photos courtesy flavorpaper.com

Happy Wednesday….keep in touch,

ps….they’ve added pillows to their line of product. Pricey but maybe I’ll take an extra big suitcase just in case.

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