what do you call the foam on the beer?

photos courtesy menu.as

Since I saw this new product last week I’ve struggled with whether or not to make public this rather embarrassing experience. What the heck….it’s Monday and I can always use a laugh on Monday.

My restaurant experience began in high school at what was then Marriott’s Great America serving fast food at Burgers on the Run. The greatest skill I learned there was how to shove a plastic wrapped brownie into my costume and get it to the back patio without my manager catching on. Then for years I worked all kinds of office jobs until my late return to college at the age of 23 when I began work at my second restaurant job at the original Good Earth Restaurant in Cupertino, next to what had once been Apple Computer’s first office. I worked there for a year collecting my tips in coin, cleaning up smeared banana from the backs of booths, explaining to irate customers that I hadn’t forgotten Junior’s milk and that I would bring it as soon as I set down the 4 plates I was currently carrying. Then Scott’s Seafood, one of San Francisco’s then best seafood restaurants, opened a location in downtown San Jose near where I was attending college. I was thrilled when they hired me as a server and a little nervous having so little real dining room experience. Providing really excellent service was top of mind every time I approached a table.

An extremely attractive young couple was seated in my station one evening shortly after the restaurant opened for business. I took their drink order….she’d like a glass of wine and he’d have a bottle of beer. When I returned with their drinks, I set the wine down first, smiling at the woman, then held the beer in my left hand and the chilled glass in my right being careful to keep my fingers away from the rim. With all sincerity I turned to the handsome young husband.

“Would you like head?”

Seriously. Then I’m sure I turned several shades of purple and tried to stammer out some sort of explanation, which went completely unheard due to the peals of laughter coming from both husband and wife. Luckily they were laughing. I managed to finish pouring the beer and made a quick exit to regain my composure.

Well apparently it was a good question, albeit poorly worded. Beer with foam, or what I deftly referred to as head, is desirable according to beer aficionados, so much so that Norm Architects of Copenhagen created a device to deliver perfect foam for Danish design company Menu. It’s called a beer foamer. Logical.

In case you were wondering, this couple became two of my dearest friends in college and tried at every turn to get me to repeat the question when they brought friends with them for dinner.

Hope your week is off to a good start!