you dropped it

The writing prompt is “you dropped it“.  Now sit for ten minutes, use a timer, and see what comes up.  If you’re going to use the prompt, don’t read mine first.  It will be distracting.

This is what I got: 

You dropped it and it rolled across the floor. Living in an old house has its idiosyncrasies.  Things rarely stay in one place. At first you smiled. Then you began to giggle.  It hit the wall on the far side of the living room and bounced into the dog.  He jumped. And you laughed out loud mouth wide open teeth, if you’d had any, glistening, chest heaving snorting from your nose laughed.  Your laughter began my laughter until finally everyone in the house was laughing and snorting and pointing at the dog then jumping.  The dog just watched us.  He’s always been kind of a lazy keen observer watch before you act kind of dog.  So he watched for a while and then he twisted around behind himself and took the ball in his mouth and stretched himself up into a lazy kind of dog standing position then took several slow lumbering I’m not in any hurry kind of steps out of the living room through the dining room past the kitchen and out the back door. You stopped laughing.  You didn’t giggle.  Your lip began to tremble then shake then you wailed one of your big open mouth show your teeth (if you had any) tongue straining cries.  We all stopped laughing.  You threw your head back and cried to the birds in the trees and the clouds in the sky through the roof until there was no roof and everyone even God could hear your cry.  And finally the dog came lumbering slowly up the back steps one by one through the kitchen past the dining room into the living room and gently placed the slimy dog licked smarmy ball in your tight little fist and then we had.  Silence.

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